$5 End Table Makeover from the Thrift Store

Thrift store end table makeover

What do you think of this mistreated cane-topped end table? There was so much going on with this table, but I knew I could fix it. What most drew me to the table was that it was very sturdy, but more importantly, the cane insert on top. But first, let’s examine all the problems.

The legs showed a lot of wear. And it was obvious the table sat too close to someone using white spray paint. There was white paint on the legs on one side. Next, someone spilled or painted something red on the top and on the cane. Lastly, on the top, I could see a water mark from someone placing a glass on top.

End table makeover
thrift store end table makeover

Never fear – paint to the rescue! I made sure to tape off the cane to protect it from the paint.

Behr chalk paint red ochre

For this table, I chose Behr Chalk Paint in Red Ochre. Red you ask? Yes. I was hoping to use one coat but then opted to give this table two coats for uniformity. Chalk paint generally dries pretty fast, so in about an hour, I painted on the second coat.

thrift store table makeover with chalk paint

The next day, I applied Behr Dark Decorative Wax.

Behr decorative finish chalk paint

You need to apply wax after you paint with chalk paint so the finish is protected. Just use a soft, lint-free rag and apply the wax in the direction of the wood grain. You can apply as much of the dark wax as you want to give the desired shade to your project. For this table, I only applied one coat of the wax.

Lastly, I needed to highlight the cane. I decided to paint the cane with Behr Chalk Paint in tan. I also gave the cane two coats. After allowing time to dry, I rubbed it down with the Dark Decorative Wax to lessen the contrast between the red and tan. And that was it! Project Complete!

thrift store table makeover with chalk paint

This table will go to my cabin at the lake and will fit in nicely.

Have you been tempted to paint furniture but didn’t take the plunge? Do you have a small table that needs new life? Try chalk paint. It’s so much fun to work with and there are so many manufacturers now to choose from. This little table would agree!