About Me

Hi, I’m Kim. I am a Wisconsin transplant from Pennsylvania and live outside of Milwaukee with my husband and knight in shining armor, Jim. Over the last few years, I helped remodel our home in many ways. And then – hello quarantine 😦 I had had it up to “here” organizing junk drawers and brownie baking. So I broke out the paint brushes. Can’t stop me now! So many projects are easily fixable without hiring someone to do it for you. I hope to give you lots of ideas and inspiration so you can rehab and refresh your own home and save money.

I am a mom to 4 and stepmom to 3. I’m also a grammy to 10! I spent 20 years as a paralegal in Pennsylvania and moved to Wisconsin in 2001. I’ve always been an animal lover and advocate. When I’m not working on projects in my home, I volunteer at an avian rescue devoted to caring for homeless exotic birds and working to find their forever homes. I hope you don’t mind a bird picture every now and then! Say hello to Quasi, my sweet Senegal Parrot.