Front Porch Makeover Part Two – Wood Plank Tongue and Groove Ceiling

If you joined me this past Wednesday, I showed how I painted and stenciled my front porch (which I love). But I wanted to take it one step further.

Many years ago in Pennsylvania, I stopped by a friend’s house. She had recently moved into an early 1900’s house. White waiting for her to answer the door, I looked up. Her entire porch ceiling was tongue and groove paneling and was beautiful.

Fast forward to Wisconsin, 2019. In my area, builders take part in what they call “Parade of Homes” where you buy a ticket and then can walk through dozens of newly built homes. My husband and I were touring these open houses to get remodeling ideas. Lo and behold, as I stood on the front porch of one home, I looked up and saw a paneled porch ceiling. That was it. I had to have one too.

paneled porch ceiling

I admit I could not have done this job myself. Thanks to my hubby though, he knew just how to do it. He measured the area and then purchased tongue and groove plank paneling. The boards were unstained, so I applied wood conditioner to each one and then stained them. It was a warm day and they dried quickly, so we could begin.

He started on one side of the ceiling, and I applied adhesive to the plank. Once he was on the ladder, I handed him the plank. I used a pole to help hold it in place by pushing against it with the pole while he used an airgun to nail it in place. We staggered the boards as we went. Each board fit into the board before it. We had a pretty good system going. He cut the board if needed, then climbed the ladder. I applied the adhesive to the plank and handed it to him. He placed it and I used the pole to push against it while he nailed it in place.

front porch ceiling tongue and groove paneling
See the pole leaning against the house?

We were almost finished when we began questioning if we had enough wood. We had odd sizes left, but it became apparent we didn’t have enough for this one small area. Doesn’t it always turn out that way?

front porch makeover wood ceiling
stained front porch ceiling makeover
Gah! Why??

After a quick trip to buy another package, I stained the last piece, Jim cut it to size, and we were done!

I just love the look of this! The planks give it such a warm, welcoming feeling. What do you think?

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