Front Porch Makeover Part One – Stencils and Paint!

Stenciled porch painted concrete

Painted and stenciled porches are all over the interwebs. There are rave reviews, and everyone agrees the paint holds up very well. My porch definitely needed some pizazz, so last fall I started this project.

I began by sweeping the entire porch and removing cobwebs on the walls. I then washed it down by adding Krud Kutter cleaner to a bucket of water and scrubbed with a broom.

paint concrete porch and stencil
Nice and clean.

After waiting a day to make sure the concrete was dry I began to paint. I used Dutch Boy Porch and Floor paint and primer in one in Battleship Gray color for the base. It was easy to apply using a wide paintbrush. I covered the area with two coats, allowing the first coat to dry before painting the second coat. I almost stopped after the second coat, because the porch looked so much better. But I gave it two coats.

There are many stencils to choose from, but I finally decided on this one from Stencilit. It is 12 inches by 12 inches, so it covers a larger-sized area.

Have you ever stenciled before? It is so simple and fun. Measure and decide on your starting point and place your stencil down. Hold it in place with painter’s tape. (You don’t want it to shift.) Use a stencil brush to make the job easier and more precise. The secret is to pour some paint on a paper plate. Lightly dab the ends of the brush straight down into the paint. Then wipe the brush on a clean area of the plate until almost no paint remains. Begin dabbing the areas of the stencil making sure to apply evenly and filling in all corners and curves. When your stenciling is complete, lift the stencil and line it up to the completed area, tape in place and repeat.

I used Dutch Boy Porch and Floor Paint in white for my stencils. The fun part of this project is that you can use any colors and stencils you like. It was definitely hard for me to decide on my stencil, but I’m happy with the end result.

I spent some beautiful fall afternoons completing my porch. The sun was shining and birds singing and it wasn’t hot outside. There were painters at my neighbor’s house talking to each other the entire time. Well, I should say one guy talked the entire time. The other guy seemed to just listen. Needless to say, they entertained me with their conversations. Added bonus to this job is I sat down to do 90% of the painting.

When the stenciling was finished, I allowed it to dry for a full day. Lastly, I applied two coats of Rustoleum lacquer spray finish for protection. This keeps water out and protects against stains and abrasion.

paint porch and stencil concrete
More dog supervision. Did I do ok Adele?

Here are the supplies I used:

Krud Kutter

Dutch Boy Porch and Floor Paint in the color of your choice and contrasting color for the stencils I used Battleship Gray for the base and basic white for the stencils.

Stencil – I used this one

Stenciling brush

Painters Tape

Rustoleum Rock Solid Lacquer Spray

The weather is warming up here, and I hope it is where you live too. It’s time to plan your warm-weather projects. I think this job is one of the easiest, so you might want to give it a try.

painted porch stenciled porch concrete

This was Part One of my front porch makeover. Stop back on Saturday to see what I did to give my porch some more love in Part Two!

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