Updated Basement Bathroom

I showed you how I updated a rental house bathroom and also our camper bathroom. My basement bathroom was next on the list.

After our basement was built, we painted the bathroom walls green. The woodwork was stained and we called it a day.

After 19 years, I decided it needed new life. I used Behr’s Subtle Touch,

which was left over paint from another paint job. Who wants to buy more paint when you have leftover colors you love?

I debated whether to change the trim and vanity colors. I didn’t really want to go to that much trouble. I just wanted a refresh. After a week of indecision, I decided the trim, vanity and door colors would stay the same. As it turned out, my leftover paint was not enough to give the walls two coats, so I had to buy a quart to finish the job. Oh well…

We removed the nickel towel bars, toilet paper holder and faucet. I found the black faucet and the other accessories on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

Then I decided to do something I had never done before. I wanted to change the nickel shower door. After a complete washing down and removal of soap residue and adhesive, I coated the glass on both sides with Masking Fluid.

The fluid dries to a loose plastic film that you peel off later and keeps paint from adhering to glass.

I sprayed the metal frame with Rustoleum Hammered Black spray paint. The hammered paint gives a textured finish rather than a smooth finish and is so pretty.

When dry, I did have to go back and use a blade to remove bits of overspray, but the end result was beautiful!

The Bohemian rug was another Amazon steal and fits perfectly in this room.

So, if you’re tired of looking at a room and it’s paint color, take the plunge and update. Start with the walls! You’ll be surprised how inspired you become.

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