Art’s Stool – A plain stool is upcycled with spray paint and fake fur to become a posh vanity stool

Walking through Habitat for Humanity Restore, I spotted this stool for the amazing price of $1.00.

And you ask- Kim, what the heck were you thinking? Was it the price? Was it the fact that it was so forlorn? The answer: All of the above, but I could also see it’s future!

I was semi-grossed out to find that the seat of the stool was actually covered in yellow and white 1960’s carpeting. Which makes me ask: What did it look like before the carpet? The carpeting was nailed on, and the nails were very easy to pull out. The carpeting was so dry rotted! When removed, I found that the previous owner, Art, had written his name on the base. (Hence why it’s called Art’s stool.)

The frame was wiped down and since it was pitted with a bit of rust, I sanded it down all over and gave it a coat of metal primer spray paint. I then gave it two coats of Rustoleum Sunlit Brass, which is such a beautiful shade and gives metal a soft glow.

I had some leftover foam that I cut to the shape and size of the seat base. I placed some batting over the top of the foam. (Batting is what is inside comforters and quilts so they are fluffy instead of flat.) The final cover would be fake fur. After pulling the batting and fake fur over the foam and around to the back of the seat base, it was all stapled in place with a staple gun.

I listed the stool on Marketplace and a lady messaged me on Christmas Eve. She purchased it for her daughter to use at her makeup vanity. I’m glad I could make her girl happy. šŸ™‚

Don’t forget that old saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I knew Art’s stool could have a new life. I wonder what Art would say?

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