Painting Stairs and Steps

The dungeon stairs! 

Actually my basement stairs.  This was an easy redo.  Well, if you compare this to roofing a house, it was an easy redo.  Each step had a piece of carpet held in place by metal strips.  Jim pulled out all the screws holding the carpet in place. 

So many screws.

Then it was time to remove the carpet tape and glue.  The tape came off fairly well, but removing the remaining adhesive was a bit laborious! 

First I tried Goo Be Gone.  Then I tried WD-40.  The WD40 made for easier removal.  I had to spray it on, rub it in, and use a scraper-all while my husband worked from home (in the basement).  I had visions of him slipping and falling down the steps and dying, all because I wanted to modernize the steps.  Thank you Lord.  That didn’t happen.  The steps felt tacky in spots after the WD40 use, so I went back over it with Goo Be Gone.  It was finally removed!  I washed each step down with Dawn detergent.

Now that the steps were clean, it was on to the walls. To remove the gloss on the paneling, I used deglosser applied with a regular dish scrungie. 

Deglosser is wonderful and so much easier than using sandpaper. 

I primed the paneling and trim and started painting with this green paint.  I immediately didn’t like the color.  Very military.  


I decided to go back to one of my favorite paint colors, Fawn Brindle by Sherwin Williams.  I used this color on my trim in my den and am IN LOVE.

Lastly,  the steps.  First primer.  Then paint.  Have you ever painted steps?  It is a challenge of gymnastics, Parkour and ingenuity.

Finally, we applied these stair treads I found at 

I’m so happy how they turned out. No more dungeon steps. They are inviting and so fresh and I’m very glad I changed them.

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