How to Wash Paintbrushes

I love the paintbrush aisle. Ok, yes, I said that. To me, there’s nothing better than a good quality paintbrush. If you take your time and select the right brush for your job, you will set yourself up for success. Who wants to spend money buying a new brush every time you paint? Not me.

So you’ve completed your paint job and you are loving it and happy dancing around the room. But wait – you have to clean up the brushes! Here’s how to get them clean every time and keep them in the best condition for your next job.

First, warm water. Rinse them in the sink and let the water run through the bristles. (I rarely use dish soap to clean my brushes.) If you are using a paint that is a bit stubborn being removed, by all means, use dish soap.

Push the brush against the sink and bounce the brush up and down in the water. Keep rinsing until you aren’t seeing the paint color in the water.

Next, use your fingernail to pull any thick paint down and out of the bristles. Remove paint from the metal part of the brush too. The longer you spend working the brush and cleaning out the paint, the better.

Splay the bristles. Lastly, turn the brush upside down. Hold the bristles in place and let water run through. Make sure you see no paint color in the water. If you do, keep rinsing.

Lastly, shake the brush to remove the water. Return the bristles to their natural position and lay on a towel to dry.

Your brush is now ready for it’s next job!

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