Refresh Everywhere-How I updated our camper with paint, fabric and peel and stick tile

We can walk around our home and decide to paint a wall a different color, put up some different curtains or change to shades. We can buy new rugs, new pillows, even change out the doorknobs! Well I decided to change something too. Our camper!

We have a 35-foot trailer, and it included the usual brown cabinets, brown curtains, brown flooring. (Who decided brown had to be used everywhere?!) Anyway, I knew I could brighten it up. We don’t go camping that often, but when we do, it is our home away from home and we want to enjoy it.

Excuse the terrible cell phone picture. This window is behind the table inside the camper. (Note the BROWN). The curtains are attached with Velcro. I easily removed them and made new curtains.

The little valance on top had paisley fabric stapled to it. I removed that and stapled a plain gray in its place. I’m happy I chose this grey and yellow chevron fabric.

Next up, the bathroom. Again, please excuse the cell phone photo. Oh, hello brown 😦

I painted the mirror and the cabinet with grey paint. I also painted the walls in the bathroom a lighter color. The shower only had a plain tan curtain, so I purchased this bright yellow one and hung it up. So sweet and cheerful!

I love it!

On to my daughter’s bed. Borrrring! I took a look at the curtain and chopped off the bottom brown panel! The brown was attached to a mesh fabric at the top (the white part) to allow for air flow.

I then found some cute fabric that matched her comforter (no sleeping bag for that girl), and simply sewed it to the mesh. No more boring curtain.

Last up, the kitchen. Unfortunately, I don’t have a before pic of the area. Just imagine plain walls everywhere. So I found these peel and stick tiles at Walmart and simply stuck them to the wall. They are easy to work with and cut if you need to fit them in tight areas.

If you spend lots of time traveling to different campsites as soon as the weather breaks, you just may want to update your camper. After all, this is your home-away-from home and you want to enjoy every minute. Who cares if you have to spend a rainy day inside when it’s bright and welcoming?

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